Box-In-A-Bag Tutorial

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I loved how easy this project is, and versatile, too!  Plus, it holds LOTS of candy—BONUS!  Here’s how I made mine…

Box Assembly

Box in a bag - base   Box in a bag - box 

  • Start with a 4-1/2 x 4-1/2″ piece of card stock.
  • Score each edge at 1″.
  • Along the top and bottom, cut slits at the 1″ mark up to the 1″ mark to create flaps.
  • Crease all folds.
  • On the underside of the box (folds going down), add pieces of Sticky Strip to the outer edges of the flaps, then add SNAIL to the rest of the flaps.
  • Assemble the box.

Bag Assembly

Box in a bag - bag paper

  • Cut a piece of 4″ x 11″ Designer Series Paper.  I used Wicked Fun Specialty DSP.
  • Add Sticky Strip along the bottom, and along one short edge.

Box in a bag - starting the bag   Box in a bag - wrapping bag

  • Peel off the Sticky Strip liner along the bottom only. 
  • Starting with the non-taped short end, begin adhering the paper flush to the bottom of the box.  Start in the center of the box, so your paper seam will be in the back.
  • Continue wrapping the paper around the box flush with the bottom of the box, pulling it tight to the next corner, then pressing it down and creasing the previous corner.

Box in a bag - finishing bag   Box in a bag - finished

  • As you round the last corner, pull off the remaining Sticky Strip liner, then finish adhering the paper.  The ends will overlap about 1″.
  • Add Round Tab Punches to the top front and back with Sticky Strip, punch a 1/4″ hole with the Crop-A-Dile, and tie together with ribbon to close.
  • Now, it’s time to decorate!

Options:  You can easily create different sizes of boxes, including rectangles, although you may need to use a couple pieces of DSP to cover it.  Formula for the math-challenged:

  1. Card stock length + card stock width   Example: 6×6″ box is 12″, 4×8″ box is 12″
  2. Minus 4″ for scoring 1″ on each side  Example: 8″. 
  3. Multiply by 2 to cover all sides    Example: 16″
  4. Add 1″ overlap     Example: 17″ length needed to create the bag.  In this case, I’d cut two 8.5″ pieces and have 1/2″ overlapped seams on the sides.

You can also make taller bags by increasing the width of the paper.  I made mine 4″, so I could get three bags out of a piece of 12×12″ sheet.  You could make the box up to 12″ tall!