Holiday 2015 Card Gallery

Here are some of the cards I’m teaching this season.  Let me know which ones appeal to you the most!  Click on the photo to enlarge them!

Class Card #1 (choose 1)

Snow place window spotlight - two cool

1. Snow Place Window Spotlight Cards

Snow place let it snow - 2 cool

2. Snow Place Let It Snow (if I have enough snowflake Fancy Foil after my class)


Class Card #2 (choose 1)

Embellished ornaments silver - 6 cool

3. Silver Embellished Ornament With Holly

Embellished ornaments lagoon 1

4. Embellished Ornaments Duo

Holly Jolly Ornament - 3 cool

5. Holly Jolly Greetings Ornament

Sleigh Ride Ornament

6. Sleigh Ride Ornament card


Class Card #3 (choose 1)

Wonderland night - 1

7. Winter Wonderland Twinkling Night (takes a little longer)


Wonderland swap - silent night

8. Winter Wonderland Silent Night Blues

Winter wonderland silent night - lyssa

9. Winter Wonderland Silent Night Black & Gold


Class Card #4 (choose 1)

  Reason cherry dazzle - 4

10. Reason For The Season (takes a little longer)

Peaceful pines dsp duo - two cool









11. Peaceful Pines Merry Moments Card

Perfect pines silver - blog hop

12. Perfect Pines Winter Woods

Fc swap flurry of wishes - 1

13. Flurry of Wishes Blues

Feel free to share this link and ask your friends to vote on which cards they want to create.  When you’ve decided, please email me the number of the cards you’d like for us to do at your event.