Woohoo—50/50/50 Board Winner Announcement!

Hey, remember my 50/50/50 Board?!!!  You know, the little contest I have where you earn one of the 50 squares on my playing board every time you order $50 worth of products at a time? 

50 board - august 12 complete

Click to enlarge to find your name(s).

Well, guess what!!  We filled up another board, so it's time to announce a winner!  Woohoo!

Woohoo girl

I numbered each of the squares, then used Random.org to select the winning number.

And, the winning number is…

50 board winner number - aug 12

…so, the winner is…


Karen s

Karen S. of Fort Wayne!

Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations, Karen!!!  You've won a $50 Stampin' Up! shopping spree exclusively from me!  I'll be emailing you the details on how to redeem your merchandise! 


A New 50/50/50 Board Starts Now! 

I've already started a new 50/50/50 Board this week and 9 squares have already been filled!  We're off to a great start!

Don't miss your opportunity to play for your chance to win a $50 shopping spree of your own!  You'll earn a square for every $50 you purchase when you order through me or my Online Store.

Good luck!


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  1. Please help me .this is new to me do I pay a delivery fee for my winnings? I need directions on what to do


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