Darla’s Holiday Décor Elements Gift Ideas

Wow—I saw lots more very cute ideas at my Demo Meeting earlier this week! 

Darla Eigenschink showed us several projects that she created with holiday-themed Décor Elements!  I always think about how awesome these vinyl images would look on my walls or bookshelves, but she showed us how to use them for fabulous gift ideas! 

Candy Cane Christmas Décor Gifts

Darla - decor elements mugs 2

This was an idea Darla and I saw at the 2010 Convention—use the Candy Cane Christmas Décor Elements on inexpensive mugs from your dollar store!  She filled up the mugs with some cocoa mix and DeBrand Marshmallows for a warm, winter gift—yummy! 

Darla - decor elements black mug    Darla - decor elements white mug   Candy cane de 120912L

Darla added the images all the way around her mug.  At Convention, they used one image per mug, so you could create a lot more gifts from each package.  From this package alone, you could make at least 15 mugs: 6 mittens, 6 ornaments, 2 cardinals, 1 present, and a (partridge in a pear) tree! 

Wait—that tree is too big!  It's nearly 8" inches tall  And, those candy canes and stockings are about 4" tall.  What do you do with those?  How about decorating an inexpensive plate…

Darla - decor elements plate

This is another dollar-store find, dressed up with the largest tree image.  It's perfect for Santa's cookies, don't ya think?!

Holiday Décor Frames

Darla - decor elements jingle all the way    Jingle all the way I114707F

Darla also showed us a couple of fun ways to use the Elements for holiday home decorations.  This example uses the Jingle All The Way (real red, small) with an inexpensive 8-1/2 x 11" frame from a dollar-store (this happened to be from Darlington's Holiday Warehouse).  She created this last year with the retired Christmas Cocoa DSP, Real Red Polka Dot Riboon, and metallic cord.  You can't see it well, but she added some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter behind the jingle bell!

Darla - decor elements jingle ornament   Vintage christmas de 117969L

Here's another larger frame she made last year.  This 11 x 14" version also uses the Jingle All The Way image, plus a couple ornaments from the Vintage Christmas set of 4.  She bought a package of Basic Black (small) and Real Red (small) and combined them.  She said she did have do some minor adjustment to the shape, because the ornaments were a little too long for her design.  To remedy the situation, she hand-cut a bit off the bottoms, keeping in line with the basic shape.

What do you think?  I think they are very clever gift ideas!  It may be a little late for making this Christmas, but think about some of the other images out there that would be excellent for a house-warming, birthday, thank you, or baby shower gift.

More Fun Décor Elements Gift Ideas

Mistletoe_Decor_Element_by_ebeth926   Mistletoe 119989L

A similar frame created by ebeth926 with the Mistletoe Décor Elements.  Love the Waffle Paper background!

Deragertile2_by_1volunteer   Attitude toward life 119441L

A beautiful floor tile created by #1volunteer with the Our Attitude Toward Life Décor Elements

IMG_4780_by_kyann22   Merry trees 121638L

Lighted holiday block created by kyann22 with our Merry Trees Décor Elements.  Want to make some of your own?  There are some great tips at ThriftyFun.com: Glass Block Ornaments.

Curly_Chalkboard_Label_Jars_by_jillastamps   118876L

Storage jar labels created by jillastamps.  She used the Curly Labels (set of 3) with a reusable chalkboard writing surface!  Oh how I've been wanting to try these out!  There is a whole line of Chalkboard Décor Elements, be sure to check them out!

Easter_Baskets_w_wm_by_n_toll   I116057F

Easter buckets created by n toll.  The flowers she used are retired, but you could easily substitute Flower Garden—so cute!

Decor_Element_Initial_Frames_by_mandypandy   Monogram letter 119328L

Initial frames for the baby's room created by mandypandy.  Each Decorative Monogram Alphabet letter is sold separately in either white, black or chocolate.  This would be a great project for older kids to make for their rooms, too!


These are just a few of the awesome ideas that I've seen posted!  And that's only for gifts!  There are so many ideas for using vinyl décor on walls and other surfaces around your home and workplace—the possibilities are endless!  

Interested In Seeing More of the Décor Elements?  

There is an entire line of vinyl art words, phrases and images of all kinds in the Stampin' Up! Décor Elements product line!  You can browse through the entire Vinyl Art Store, download a PDF of the 2010 Definitely Decorative Catalog, or email me to receive a free printed copy of your own.

Tips For Applying Your Décor Elements

I've not had much experience with Décor Elements, but I'll link you up with the pros!  Here is a fabulous pictorial about applying them on walls by The Stamp Workshop: How To Apply Décor Elements. And, here is the instruction sheet that comes from Stampin' Up!: Décor Elements Instructions.

Now, it's off to work on MY Christmas cards…eeep!


PS:  Did anyone notice the new widgets on the left sidebar?  I finally figured that part out!  Now if only I could get over my learning curve and decorate the rest of the place a little better!  Someday soon…

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