Easter Blossoms Crayon Resist Card

Easter blossoms 1   Easter blossoms 2

We made these pretty Easter Blossom cards at my Stamp Club last Friday that showcased the Crayon Resist technique and a tip on using the Framed Tulips Impressions Folder on shorter pieces.

Crayon Resist Basics

  • Stamp your image with StazOn Black onto Glossy White Card Stock.
  • Use a white crayon to color areas you want to stay white.  In this case, I colored all of the blossoms.  You could also use other colors of crayons as your resist, if desired.
  • Add ink to your background by sponging or brayering it on, or rubbing an ink pad directly on the card stock.
  • Wipe excess ink off the crayon areas with a tissue or soft cloth, so the crayon is nice and bright.

You can see a complete tutorial at Splitcoast Stampers: Crayon Resist Tutorial.

Smaller Framed Tulips Borders

Another trick was to use the Framed Tulips Folder on a smaller piece of card stock, but still have the whole border showing.  The folder is made for a standard 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" piece.  For my example, I used a 4" x 4-1/2" piece.

Framed tulips short 1

I lined up the edges of the 4" side with the lines on the narrower side of the Framed Tulips Folder and ran it through.  4" long card stock fits perfectly inside the lines of the folder. (Click to enlarge the photos to see up close.)  Now we have a piece that is embossed on three sides.  Here's how to do the fourth side…

Framed tulips short 3    Framed tulips short 2

Rotate the card stock so that the non-embossed border is now near the fold of the folder.  The key here is to make sure your previously embossed tulips are lining up correctly.  The first photo above shows how it should look all lined up correctly.  The second photo is off alignment just to show you what not to do.

Framed tulips short 4

Finally, you'll run only the very edge of the card stock through the Big Shot.  The edge you want to emboss should be at the fold of the folder, and that side should be going into your Big Shot first.  Once you can feel it grab the edge of your piece, you only need to crank the handle one turn, then reverse the piece back out.  Yes, back that thing up!  You don't want to emboss the whole piece again or the opposite, already-embossed edge will flatten out. 

That's it!  You can use this same technique for other sizes of card stock, too!  It may be easier to start with a larger cardstock piece and then trim along the framed tulip border when working with alternative sizes.

When embossing smaller pieces of card stock that only reach two of the four borders when placed in the embossing folder, use these terrific tips that I found on Sharon Field's Created By You blog:

  • Work with only one edge at a time to emboss the blank edges, rolling only one turn once resistance is felt from the Big Shot Machine. 
  • Be sure cardstock is aligned perfectly square in the embossing folder, or your embossed frame will not have parallel edges! 
  • Once all four edges are embossed, you will have one “messy” corner.  Simply place it inside the embossing folder /sandwich and align so that JUST the corner enters the big shot machine first.  When you feel resistance from the Big Shot Machine Roller, turn only 1/2 turn before backing it out.
    • When using alternative sizes of cardstock, back into the frame by cutting away excess.  Use the embossed frame as your cutting guide to re-size.

    Complete Supplies List:

    Too Cool Studio Update

    I had my first official event in my new Too Cool Stamping Studio on Monday night…my April Too Cool Demo Meeting!  My stamping supplies are not even all put away, and certainly not organized, but it was ready enough for a small group.

    I can already tell that it is so much easier to have an event where all my supplies are located!  Now, I don't have to worry about forgetting something!  And, it was especially nice that we could spontaneously try out whatever ideas came to mind, because all the stuff was right there to play with!  I love that!

    I'll have to take some pictures soon, so you can see the progress I'm making! 

    Until then, happy stamping!


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