Elements of Style Purse & Card Gift Set

Today is the finale to my four-part series on the special Mother's Day present I created for my MIL, Nancy.  I created six cards (two each of three card designs), and you can see the details of each of those cards in my previous posts: Embossed Vine, Shimmery Hummingbird and Embossed Stencil.

All of the cards fit nicely in a cute little stationery kit in the shape of a purse.  I love to create purses!  (Funny, that I only have one real-life purse that I've been carrying for four years!)  So, without any further adieu…

Nancy's Purse Gift Set - purse front  
Nancy's Purse Gift Set - purse back

Here is the front and the back of the purse.  And, can you believe that I did not even CASE this one?!  I used some basic techniques I had picked up in a Tote-Ally Awesome Tote tutorial by Becky Roberts at Inking in Idaho, but I started from scratch.  So not like me, I know!

Nancy's Purse Gift Set - open full   

Nancy's Purse Gift Set - ensemble

The inside of the purse holds three cards and envelopes on each side, and a decorated pen.  Plus, the little pocket on the back of the purse holds postage for the six cards!  

Nancy's Purse Gift
Set - purse back postage

I had SO much fun making this set, and I'll admit it, I had a little trouble parting with it!  There's something about a little organized set of cards (or anything that's organized, really) that makes me happy, happy, happy! 

Nancy's Purse Gift Set - purse front
Basic Purse Cover How-Tos

I used the Bella Bleu Designer Series Paper throughout the entire purse, and I used the chipboard backing in the package to create a more durable purse cover. 

  • Elements of
Style Purse dimensionsCut 2 chipboard pieces that are 5-1/2 x 7".  To create the taper, I cut a diagonal line from the bottom 7" corner, in 1/2" to the 6-1/2" mark on the top.  Do the same 1/2" diagonal cut on the opposite side. (click to enlarge the diagram)
  • Cover each side of the chipboard with DSP.  I used A LOT of SNAIL to adhere it, but I would highly recommend using a spray adhesive to avoid buckling in the paper when you emboss it.  I added adhesive to the cut chipboard, then laid it on the paper and trimmed it.  If you cut the paper out first, you run the risk of it not covering the chipboard properly.
  • Once all sides are covered, you can use a Sanding Block on the edges to get rid of the excess paper.

I used a Sahara Sand Marker to color the white edges of my chipboard and sponged all edges of the paper with Sahara Sand ink.  Then, I used the Mostly Vintage Stencils with VersaMark to clear emboss the designs on the front, and sponged the whole thing with Sahara Sand.

Handles, Accents & Latch How-Tos

  • Cut four pieces of 1 x 1-1/4" card stock for the handle accents (I used the retiring Bordering Blue).  Trim the bottom corners of each with the Ticket Corner Punch, then adhere on the outsides of the purse cover, about 1/2" in from each edge.
  • Cut two 12" pieces of 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon.  For a nice, unraveled edge, fold up each end of the ribbon about an inch and adhere it with SNAIL (fold in on the same side of the ribbon).  Add more SNAIL to the folded edge and adhere each end to the insides of your cover, so they look centered against the accents.  You could have the ribbons attach to the outside of your purse, for a different look. 
  • Use the Crop-A-Dile (it really is the only punch that will go through chipboard and ribbon) to punch a 1/4" hole for the eyelet in each accent.  Be sure that your hole is centered over your accents, and that it catches the ribbon correctly to secure it.  You may need to re-adjust your ribbon to make this line up properly. 
  • Attach an Antique Brass Jumbo Eyelet to each punched hole.
  • Cut another piece of card stock for the latch: 2" wide and 4" long.  Score the 4" side at 1-1/2" and 2-1/2".  Use the Ticket Corner Punch on the end corners.  Decorate your latch with paper or stamping.
  • Add a Chocolate Chip Corduroy Button, or something similar, to the latch.  You want to use something that goes through the card stock, like a brad of some sort (you don't want it coming off, do you?).  The button I chose did not have prongs, so I punched holes with my Paper Piercer and tied it on with Natural Hemp Twine.
  • Adhere the back panel of the latch onto the back cover of the purse.  Use Sticky Strip for a secure hold.
  • Use a Velcro Dot or a 1/2" Velcro Strip for the closure.  They will line up correctly if you keep the Velcro together, attach one side to the latch.  Then, peel off the paper liner of the other side of the Velcro, and close the latch to adhere the other side. 

Nancy's Purse Gift Set - purse back postage 
Postage Pocket How-Tos

  • Cut a piece of 6 x 4" card stock.  Score at along the 6" side at 2" and 2-1/2".
  • Cut a notch out of the end of the 2" panel with the Large Oval Punch.  This will allow you to pull out the postage easily.
  • Ticket Corner Punch the corners of the flap.  
  • Adhere the outside edges of the 2" panel with Sticky Strip.
  • Decorate as desired. I used more Corduroy Buttons and Bella Bleu paper (I covered my brad prongs on the underside, so they don't show). 
  • Attach to the purse back with Stick Strip.
  • Add Velcro to each side of the notch for the closure.


Inside Pockets How-Tos

  • Elements of Style Purse pocket dimensionsCut a piece of 8 x 3-1/2" piece of card stock. 
  • Along the 8" side, score at 1/2", 1", 7" and 7/12".
  • Along the 3-1/2" side, score at 1/2" and 1". (see dotted lines on diagram)
  • Cut off the outside three squares on the corners as shown in the diagram. Then along the 3-1/2" sides, make a cut along the 1" score line up to where it intersects the other 1" score line.  This makes a little flap on each side. 

    Elements of
Style Purse pocket folded (2)
  • Decorate your pocket with paper or stamping.
  • Fold at all score lines and adhere the corners with SNAIL to create the pockets.  The inside of the pocket should look like the next diagram.
  • Add Sticky Strip to each of the edges BUT DON'T ADHERE IT TO THE COVER YET.
  • Cut another piece of card stock: 1×6" and score along 1" side at the 1/2" mark.  This will be the connector piece that brings the two sides together. 
  • Cover the outside panels of the "V" fold with Sticky Strip, without putting tape right on the fold (you want it to move).  Attach the bottom of the pockets to this hinge (pockets should be front-to-front…the insides of your pockets, shown in the diagram, should be facing outward…you'll be attaching these to the sides).
  • Attach one pocket to the inside cover, centering it along the bottom and keeping it flush with the bottom of the purse.  Attach the other pocket to the other inside cover.

Decorative Pen

You're almost done now, but don't forget to add the decorated RSVP pen.  I know you can find these at Office Depot and Wal-Mart, but they are probably also at Target, Meijer and Staples.  Just make sure it is the RSVP brand.

  •   Nancy's Purse Gift Set - penCut a 1 x 3-1/4" piece of Designer Series Paper. 
  • Unscrew the end of the pen and pull out the ink barrel. 
  • Add Sticky Strip along the long side of the paper, then attach along the barrel right below the end piece. 
  • Roll the paper around the barrel tightly, then insert into the pen and screw it back together.  

To attach the pen to the purse…

  • Cut three strips of the grosgrain ribbon, adhere them end-against-end with Sticky Strip.  Make sure you wrap the ribbon around the pen as you adhere, and that you have enough room for the width of the cap to pass through. 
  • Attach them along the inside top of either side of the purse with Sticky Strip.

I hope you enjoyed this fun set!  Looking at it now, I probably should have added a pretty flower to the front—that would have made it looked more finished.  But, I think that Nancy really liked it, especially the pretty cards! 


16 thoughts on “Elements of Style Purse & Card Gift Set”

  1. Angie,
    I really like this purse! I think that I am going to have to make it. I don’t think I will get this done before Mother’s Day, but it will be fun for a birthday gift. Carmen

  2. Angie – this turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to give this a try sometime. Michelle

  3. How beautifully done. This is so cleverly done, thanks for the directions, it is wonderful when others as yourself are so willing to share. Thank you.

  4. I am working on this project to give as a gift for a relative I will be staying with during convention. She is going to love it and I love making it. I am not understanding how to put together the postage pocket. I have it cut out but don’t get the part about using the large oval punch. Would you mind clarifying that? Thanks. Lynne

  5. Lynne, the punch is simply to create a notch at the top of the open pocket so you can access the postage easily. Click on the pocket photo to enlarge it and look closely. The curved notch between the two velcro pieces is all it is. Once you see it, I’m hoping it’s self-explanatory. Have fun! Hope your relative loves it!

  6. Hi Angie!! Love this project but I’m having difficulties with the stamp pocket. Can you clarify how to put this together? I don’t understand how I’m putting the pocket together with score marks at 2” & 2 1/2” on the 6” side. Thank you so much in advance!

  7. Love this project but I’m at the same point as Nichole – stuck on the folds on the postage pocket. Is there a score line missing? Please help. Everything is is great. Thank you.

  8. Think I may have figure out my problem. I think maybe you meant score at 2″ and then 4 1/2″ and that will give us the flap. If I’m wrong please let me know. Thank you.


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