Adventures In The New House

Yesterday was the "big furniture" move into my new house, so it's starting to actually look like we live there.  Of course, none of the stuff is arranged, so every room looks kinda like this…

Move - organization

I have no good "big furniture moving" muscles, so my main job was answering the question, "Where do you want this?"  I only had a decisive answer about half of the time, and for some reason, the answers "basement" or "upstairs" resulted in increasingly deeper sighs from the askers as the day progressed.  It was understandable, since our moving crew was a scant two-man team of my husband, Andy, and his brother, Matt.  They did an unbelievable job, though, without damaging furniture, walls, or themselves (too much).  Thank you so much, guys!

We still have lots more little stuff (including all my stamping essestials) to move.  We have been bringing the easy-to-carry stuff over slowly since we aren't under a time deadline.  I have to admit that I'm not being very organized, because I keep thinking that if we forget something, the old house is "only 10 minutes away."  Only 10 minutes away when… 

…you're making your first meal at the new house at 2am (yes, it was a long day), but half of the ingredients are still in the refrigerator at the old house. 

…you want to wash your hair in the new house, and all the shampoo is at the old house. 

…you can't make a decision about which internet provider to get at your new house, so you're checking email and blogging on from a card table at your old house. 

You know, that type of thing.  Just some temporary, kinda-like-we're-camping moments!  🙂

Poor, Poor Lucky-Dog!

Who am I to complain when my poor poodle, Lucky, had a horribly disrupting moving day!  He was left alone for HOURS while we moved stuff from our storage unit.  Then, he was completely disturbed when the bed was being taken apart, and the dressors and tables were being carried out the door of the only home he's ever known!  He was whining and crying and on the verge of howling, his panicked eyes full of fear.

We finally brought him over to the new house after we were done, and we've been trying to comfort him ever since.  He's so completely disoriented that he sometimes just sits and whines.  Other times, when he feels confident that I'm not going to leave him right then (because he is my shadow), he'll gather his courage up and explore. 

Move - lucky smelling  

He walks this way…

Move - lucky smelling 6

…he runs that way…

Move - lucky smelling 3

…he weaves in and out of the boxes and furniture, searching for something familiar…

Move - lucky smelling 4

…he wonders, "what the heck is going on here?" and whines some more…

Move - lucky smelling 5

…finally, he slinks back to me with his tail between his legs…"save me from this madness!"

Awwwww. Poor, poor, Lucky!  I know exactly how you feel!

So, today, I've been hanging out with my neglected and overwhelmed dogger, letting him ride around in the car with me as I run errands and such.  He whines and whines as he runs around the back of my SUV looking out every window and panting.  Pitiful!  But, he did unknowingly add some comic relief to the day…

As I'm driving down the road, I hear the back window start rolling down, so I look in my side mirror…

Move - lucky in car 1

He had stepped on the window button, and had it all the way down, his nose just sniffing away as the breeze blew his curly ears back.  I had to take a picture as I was rolling it up.  And, he protested by hanging his nose out as long as he possible could…

Move - lucky in car 2

He's so cute!  I think I'll keep him!  We're gonna help each other adjust to our new surroundings!

Too Cool Stamping Studio Update

I'm nearly done painting the studio and it's looking SO fabulous!

Move - built-in paint

Still need to give a couple walls a second coat, but here's a peak at the River Rock color behind the cabinets.

Move - craft room paint 1

It's difficult to even photograph the walls with all the stuff in there, but here is a glimpse at the River Rock/Soft Suede combo on one wall.  The color really changes depending on the light, but I'm loving it!  What do you think?

That's all for today.  Just wanted to check in and give you an update on my progress.  I'm very likely not going to have much time to blog this week, so you may not see me for a few days.  Thanks for your patience!  I'll be showing fun new stamping projects as soon as I can!  🙂







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  1. I showed my husband the pictures of Lucky hanging out the window. We both laughed at the thought of him pressing that button to make the window go down! lol You’re a smart dog, Lucky!


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