BIG News From Stampin’ Up! Introducing Hostess Codes!


Woohoo! New Hostess Codes Are Here!

I'm so excited to be introducing you to a brand new way of ordering from Stampin' Up!—Hostess Codes!  This new tool will make it easier than ever before to earn Hostess Benefits! 

Now, you'll be able to collect workshop
orders online from anyone, anywhere in the country
, and have their purchase
count toward your Hostess Benefits!
!!  Did I mention…Woohoo?!!!

Here's How It Works:

  • Get The Code—I'll open up a workshop for you and generate a
    Hostess Code for your event.
  • Share The Code—You'll provide that Hostess Code to all your
    stamping friends and encourage them to order.
  • Order With The Code—Friends from anywhere in the country can
    order online and plug in your Hostess Code. 
    Their online orders will ship immediately directly to their door, while
    the total of their purchase gets added to your workshop.

Shipping Charges For Online OrdersOnline orders are processed as individual orders, which
means that there is a minimum shipping charge of $6.95, or 10% of their order,
whichever is greater. 

How Does It Benefit Hostesses & Guests?

Collect Orders From Anywhere—You'll be able to collect more
orders from people who live outside of your area or simply can't attend your

Direct Delivery To Guests—You won't have to worry about
delivering orders to guests who order online…it ships directly to their

Clearance Rack Items Count—Clearance items are only available
through online orders, but they'll now be able to count toward Hostess

MDS2 Downloads & Print Products Count—My Digital Studio
is another online-only line of products that will now count toward workshop
rewards!  Even print orders count!

Receive Orders Faster—Online orders process and ship
immediately, so guests won't have to wait until the workshop is officially
closed before their order is placed. 


The Bottom Line…More Hostess Benefits For YOU!

Hostess Codes make ordering and delivering merchandise
easier for guests living anywhere in the country, leading to more sales for your
event, and more Hostess Benefits for you! 

Two Cool Ways To Start Using Hostess Codes TODAY!

  • Schedule a Workshop or Private Class—Invite your friends to a fun stamping event, presented by me at your home or mine, then open your ordering up to all of your friends around the country!
  • Schedule a "Catalog Party"—Collect online orders only.  Gather a few friends through social media and combine their orders to maximize the hostess benefits!

Getting Creative With The Codes! 

These Hostess Codes are so new, we haven't had a chance to really see how creative we can get with them yet, but I can already see all kinds of possibilities! 

Example #1—I'll be adjusting my new Best of 25 Years Stamp Club to utilize these codes and eliminate the need for orders to ship to me first, then out to long-distance customers. 

Example #2—I'm currently working with a customer who wants to place a large order for herself and place a large gift order for friend who lives out of the state.  We can now work it so both orders can be combined on one order, and both will ship directly to the two locations.  Since the combined order earns Hostess Benefits, we arranged it so the friend would get those shipped to her as well!  Now, that's a gift I'd love to receive! 

Oh, The Possibilities Are Endless!  My mind is racing with lots of different ways I could offer online classes and clubs, fundraising opportunities, birthday workshops, and much more!  One thing is certain…Hostess Codes are going to change the way we do stamping!

Questions & Comments?

Got a question about the new Hostess Codes?  Ask me in the Comment Section below, or email me by clicking on the link at the top of my blog page.


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