More Inspiring Projects From Convention

This is going to be a hodge-podge post of more fantastic projects we saw at Convention.  There were so many awesome examples shown, but here are a few of my favorites!

Vintage Design-A-House: House
- vintage decorRemember the haunted house from yesterday?  Here is a full shot of the Design-A-House, this time decorated with a vintage theme.  Isn't it SO cute?  I could see it decorated as a gingerbread house, or with a winter theme, and used as a centerpiece, or up on the fireplace mantel.  I know kids would love to decorate it, too!  Lots of possibilities! 

Be sure to click to enlarge to see all the fabulous details on this one, including some additional sneak peeks—you'll find Christmas papers, the Decorative Label Punch, gold tinsel, and FABRIC!  I'll have a whole post on the fabric sneak peeks—it is awesome! 

There are also some of the new products from the current Idea Book featured on this home—Crocheted Trim, Antique Brads and buttons.  

Cassette Tape album80s Mix Album: Remember those tapes you made with your favorite 80s Mix?  Presenter Carrie Cudney showed us a cute All About Me mini album made from an old cassette tape that included all of her favorite 80s songs, along with journaling about what memories the songs evoked. 

Here is the cover, made with the Grunge Rock stamp set.  The inside had a mini flip book with old pictures of her to accompany her stories. 

Personal scrapbooks are a big trend, and I thought this was a really fun idea!  Plus, the album fits perfectly in a decorated cassette case to protect it!  I thought this would be a fantastic gift to make for an "old" friend from school.  

Decor Elements - mug gift

Candy Cane Christmas Gift Mug

Here's a sneak peek of some new Décor Elements called Candy Cane Christmas.  With one package you can make 15 little gift mugs to hold cocoa or Brownie-In-A-Mug mix!  An easy-to-make, yet thoughtful gift for teachers, co-workers or friends. 

I'm thinking I may have to get me some Décor Elements!  Especially after you see the next idea.  Oh yeah!

Decor Elements - clear block storage monogramDécor Elements Sheets For Personalizing Supplies

When you are carrying your supplies for on-the-go crafting, you know
how important it is to label your stuff.  You can use the new Décor
Elements Sheets
with your Big Shot dies to monogram and decorate your
items, so they are easily identifiable!

Here, the new Clear
Block Storage Caddy
is personalized with the Serif Essentials and Oval
dies.  You could do the same customized look on your craft tote,
dies, stamp cases, ink pads and punches. 

Even smaller items, like your
Paper Snips, Bone Folder, individual stamps or markers could be tagged
with a small butterfly from the Beautiful Wings Embosslit, or a small
initial from the Naturally Serif Decorative Strip die.

Sara - jewelry
bulletin boardJewelry Bulletin Board

Shannon West did a whole presentation on projects made from the raw materials, you know, sheets of Décor Elements vinyl, cork, magnets and wood.  

I like this idea…creating a bulletin board for jewelry!  The Cork sheets were used as a base, which was covered in batting and some of the new fabric.  In such a pretty frame, it's almost like a work of art! 

You could make one to showcase your new Simply Adorned Jewelry featuring some of the pearl or crystal Baubles (<<<there goes that sneak peek again!  Click on the photo…). 

More Convention Prizes & Awards!

Darla with her prize patrol
Did I mention Prize Patrol?!  Each convention attendee was given a colored wristband, and several times a day the Prize Patrol would call out the winning color.  Dozens of demos won each time.  Well, Darla was lucky enough to win the Something Special Simply Sent Card Kit.  Woohoo, for Darla!

I didn't win, but I did receive two awards and had the opportunity to participate in the Marches across the stage for those categories.  My first award was for hitting over $20,000 in sales last year, and I received a pin and a stamp set.  It was my first time walking across the stage and I have to admit, I felt a little like an idiot pretending to be as excited as some of my fellow demonstrators seemed to be.  But that was nothing, compared to how much I looked like an idiot…

Angie - frantic wave on stage

Told ya.  I'm a dork.  I can hear you laughing.  When I got back to my seat, Darla and I cracked up at the photo she took.  I immediately made pledge to look less excited, with a closed mouth and less chins, in my next March.

My other award was for having at least five recruits who promoted to Senior Associate over the past year.  A special shout out to those recruits for making this award possible: Nicole Whiting, Carmen DeBruce, Shirley Meyer, Michelle Hoover, Lisa Walley, and Nicole Dodane.  Way to go, ladies!  Congratulations on your promotions!

I got another pin for this category, as well as another stamp set.  And, I did a much better job of acting cool and collected as a crossed the stage…

Angie - 2nd march

Well, that's all for today!  See you back here tomorrow with lots of ideas for the new fabric! 


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