Too Cool Demo April Showcase – Part 2

Here are a few more projects shown at my Too Cool Demo meeting in April…

Demo - darla crimped ribbon

Created by Darla Eigenschink.  Darla showed us how to crimp ribbon by saturating it with cheap, extra-hold hairspray, letting it dry, then crimping.  You could do the same thing with a dry embossing folder.

Featured Supplies: Because I Care Hostess set, Scallop Trim Border Punch, Baja Breeze Seam Binding.

Demo - darla babrad easy card

Created by Darla Eigenschink.  I love the simplicity of this card.  It could even work as a masculine card.

Featured Supplies: Fine Flourish, Sincere Salutations, Build-A-Brads.

Demo - kari paper flowers

Created by Kari Heitmann.  I'm loving the Paper Daisies on Kari's card!  She colored the bottom layer, then stamped on a couple layers with En Francais and Elements of Style, then added some Shimmer Paint—gorgeous!  She also added a hat pin with beads for added interest!  Love it!

Featured Supplies: Paper Daisies, En Francais, Elements of Style, Just Believe (sentiment), Framed Tulips Impressions Folder, Nursery Suite DSP, Pearl Jewels, Large Oval Punch, Scallop Oval Punch, Champagne Shimmer Paint, First Edition DSP.

Demo - kari wallpaper butterfly

Created by Kari Heitmann.  I'm loving the look of the hat pins that Kari is using on her cards!  This one is tucked behind a little Crumb Cake Seam Binding.  Very nice!

Featured Supplies: Just Believe, Vintage Wallpaper Impressions Folder, Crumb Cake Seam Binding.

Demo - michelle cupcake purses

Created by Michelle Hoover.  Do you recognize what these cute little purses are made from?  The Cupcake Punch!  I love finding different and unexpected ways to use tools!  Absolutely darling!

Featured Supplies: Build A Cupcake Punch, Small Oval Punch, Large Oval Punch, 1/2" Circle Punch, Love Letter DSP, Rhinestone Jewels.

Demo - michelle joy fold front   Demo - michelle joy fold inside

Created by Michelle Hoover.  Michelle CASEd this joy fold card from Ann Schach and it is beautiful!  I love all of the sponging detail over the Elegant Lines embossing!

Featured Supplies: Thanks For Caring, Occasional Quotes Hostess set, Vintage Flower Adornments, Baja Breeze Seam Binding, Elegant Lines Impressions Folder.

Thanks for sharing your projects Darla, Kari and Michelle!  These cards are incredible!  Keep 'em coming!

What Do I Do With All This Stuff?

"Are you all moved in yet?!"  That's what everyone keeps asking me, and you don't know how much I wish I could say, "YES!"  But, alas, I'm still working on it!  *sigh*

I spent much of last week getting the remaining items out of my second storage unit (only to create two temporary storage rooms in my new house—ugh!).  Most of it is stuff I've saved from when My Mommy passed away in 2008.  We had similar tastes in home décor items, so I saved many of her little accent tables and decorative pieces in anticipation of using them in a new house someday.   

Three years later, here I am, finally in a new home, and going through all of her stuff—again.  I have to say, it's a bit emotional!  Not as bad as the first time, but still very bittersweet.  I haven't seen this stuff in so long, I get a bit of "Christmas-like" excitement when I discover that a ceramic vase will work perfectly in the living room. But, then there are realizations that I'll have to part with some of her things that aren't going to work, and that is difficult.  It's hard to pass along things of hers, even if it is to someone else who will be able to use it and enjoy it just as much as she once did. 

I also cleaned out the attic from my old place.  Holy moley!  There's even more stuff than I remembered.  More stuff I don't know what to do with!  I mean, how long do I save my Fisher Price school house with the stickers now peeling off? 

Child - school   Child - school class

Or, my very first, very worn Teddy Bear? 

Child - bear

Or, my two boxes of my art and writing projects from elementary school?  Like this one…

Child - mommy picture

All of these little pieces of my childhood that are just growing older and more brittle each year…  Do I really need to keep these things? 

These are the kinds of dilemmas that are slowing up the process.  Not just decisions, very emotional decisions!  I'm in purge-mode, but I don't want to be in regret-mode later on.  Know what I mean?

I know it's a process that I will get through and things will be much better on the other side.  There will be closure in the near future.  There will be organization after all of this chaos.  I'm looking forward to that time, especially if it means I'll be able to stamp more often!

In the meantime, does anyone need a Barbie RV Camper circa 1976?  It comes with folding chairs and sleeping bags…

Child - barbie camper

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “Too Cool Demo April Showcase – Part 2”

  1. I would encourage you to have your Barbie camper appraised. It’s possible that it’s worth some money. If you are really wanting to give it away I would love to have it.

  2. OMGosh, Angie, I have the same teddy bear! without the dress, that’s just weird 🙂 I’m going to take a pic of him. AND I had the same Barbie camper – I remember my friend and I played for hours on end with it.
    If you decide to not keep the actual items – you can take photos & then make a scrapbook page – Toys! I wish I still had some of my toys, just a few stuffed animals made it this far.

  3. OMG! I have the same Little People School house! Albeit, it is missing some of the letters. My son used to play with it. It’s one of my fave memories and I will save that forever! Or at least for any grandchildren I may have. :o)
    And the Barbie camper – I would totally look it up on Ebay. YOu never know, it could be worth something!!


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