Turn Stockings Into Booties!

The Stitched Stockings stamps and Stocking Builder Punch are a lot more versatile than you may realize! 

Did you know that you can create the cutest little booties with them?!  Check out my Two Cool Baby Cards!

Stocking booties blue   Stocking booties pink

Cut the stockings down, and you can get cute little booties!  Stamp the stockings in pastel blue or pink and trim them down to size for a cute "Congratulations" newborn card!  Aren't they adorable?! 

I tied the booties together with White Baker's Twine.  The "boy" booties have a simple twine bow; the girls booties have a tied tassel of twine.

Complete Supplies List:

You can purchase all the supplies used to make this project at my Too Cool Stamping Online Store!



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