Too Cold—Stampin’ In A Winter Wonderland

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Hi Stamping Friends! 

It's a magnificent winter wonderland in Fort Wayne, IN!  I have to admit that it's been difficult to get my stamping done, because of all of the near-blizzard excitement over the past 36 hours!

Snow much fun - beginning of storm 

The heavy, wet snow made the trees look beautiful at the beginning of the storm.  This photo was taken about 12:30pm yesterday when we were up to about 3".

Snow much fun - weeping tree 1 

It was coming down fast and furious all day long.  As soon as we got done snow blowing the drive, there would already be almost an inch on it again.

Snow much fun - weeping tree 

Here's that same tree as above when I got up this morning.  I think we got about 11-12" of snow by the time it tapered off last night.  Right now, it's -8° with a wind chill of -34°, and we are headed down to -13° tonight. Brrrrr!  Too Cold!

Snow much fun - unlucky 2

The winds are blowing about 25mph.  We shoveled out the yard for him, but my Lucky dogger is still getting lots of wind whipping over the snow piles.  I'm sure he's thankful for his Fido Fleece coat!

Snow much fun - unlucky 

He's not a happy dog, as evident by this "what the heck" pose. He's also got cataracts, so the snow is especially blinding for him.  Poor, poor, unlucky dog.

Snow much fun 15 

That snow pile is at least 5 foot high!  And, the majority of it is from what was left in front of our drive from the snow plow last night…

Snow much fun 3 

Seriously…we had shoveled about 5 feet out into the street, then the plow comes around our cul-de-sac and blocks us in with a 3' high, 7' wide pile.  We would have rather shoveled the cul-de-sac ourselves than have to dig out of that mess of ice blocks!  Ugh! 

Snow much fun - patio furniture 

I absolutely LOVE an extreme weather event, so I was like an excited little girl yesterday!  We haven't had this much snow excitement since the Blizzard of '78, when I WAS a little girl!  I was actually a little disappointed that we didn't get a blizzard warning today, because several surrounding counties did.  I found out that a blizzard is officially defined as 35 mph sustained winds.  Darn!  We just missed it!

Swaps peek 

In between the shoveling and snow blowing every couple of hours, I spent the day watching chick-flicks and creating my swap cards for Leadership!  Here's a sneak peek, but they aren't done yet.  I'm waiting on one product that's coming in on my order that was supposed to be here today.  Unfortunately, UPS delivery service has been canceled, along with everything else.  Hope it comes tomorrow, or I'll be SOL. 

Indiana closed

This pretty much sums it up!  We are under a snow emergency, so it looks like another great stamping day!  Woot!

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  1. Thanks for the photos. It’s nice to know someone is sharing the love. We (Southern Ontario, Canada–1 hr from Detroit MI) got hit really big last night with about the same amount of snow. I’m glad I’m working 3-11 today because the plows came through and we’re shovelled out. At least you have an excuse to stamp now.


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